Classic Dark Collection (260g)


Since the opening of our first shop back in 1911, our chocolate makers have been lovingly crafting recipes for generations of chocolate lovers to enjoy.With this rich chocolate heritage, we bring you a celebration of British tastes. Recipes created with selected ingredients and proudly crafted in the UK.Drizzled and dusted with our passion and expertise, you can be proud to give our dark Classic chocolates to the ones you love.

The Classic Dark Collection (260g) contains:

Creamy Fudge - Silky smooth fudge, smothered in dreamy dark chocolate and drizzled lovingly

Gooey Caramel - Soft, buttery caramel wrapped in a deliciously smooth dark chocolate cup

Crunchy Praline - Hazelnut and crispy wafer combine in dark chocolate, sprinkled with roasted almonds

Nutty Caramel - A heavenly combination of smooth praline and gooey caramel, encased in a smooth dark chocolate swirl

Honeycomb Baton - Crispy honeycomb truffle with hazelnut pieces in delicious dark chocolate, finished with milk chocolate swirls

Strawberries Dream - A classic combination of real strawberries and double cream, smothered in dark chocolate

Triple Chocolate - White chocolate and vanilla flavoured ganache, surrounded by double cream chocolate ganache, coated in dark chocolate

Tempting Toffee - Melt in your mouth toffee flavour centre with chewy toffee pieces in a crisp dark chocolate shell